Epoxy Flooring FAQ

This FAQ will answer any questions you have about epoxy floors. If the answer to your question is not here, call us at us at 519-717-7331 today. Simply click through the links below to be taken to the answer:

What is epoxy floor covering?

Epoxy floor update in car garageAn epoxy floor covering is a mixture of a chemical epoxy resin combined with a chemical hardener that makes the floor durable, waterproof, and it can be installed in decorative designs. The basic mixture is epoxy resin and the hardener, but other compounds can be added to add texture, colour: polyaspartic, flake, and other elements depending on the need.

Are epoxy floors slippery?

Although epoxy floors appear shiny and slippery, it is actually very slip resistant. Of course any flooring that is polished can become slippery, there are particular additives that can be added to the epoxy mixture that will hinder slip and falls. Epoxy is generally non-porous so you have to be especially careful about slipping if there is any moisture on the floor. If you spilled a drink or if there is a water leak, make sure to clean it up right away.

What does epoxy floors cost?

The cost of your epoxy floor will depend on how much your technician charges you per square foot, and the size of the room. We charge an average of $6.00 per square foot, so a typical area at 20ft by 20ft will cost you approximately $2400.00, including labour and material costs. 

Are epoxy floors durable?

Yes. Epoxy is quite durable, even more so than concrete. It rarely chips, and takes a lot to do so. Epoxy is very impact resistant, shock resistant, and takes a lot to scratch.

Are epoxy floors waterproof?

Epoxy flooring is a very durable substance, and easily resists water and moisture. Your epoxy flooring company will ensure that your coatings are properly sealed so no moisture will get under the coatings and won’t cause decay or mold.

Are epoxy floors toxic?

Once dried, epoxy flooring is non-toxic, and safe for pets and the whole family. There is no chemical leakage or discharge, and when exposed to moisture will not decay.

Can epoxy floors be repaired?

Yes. If the foundation of your home shifts, or if you drop something heavy on your epoxy flooring, it can be easily repaired. Your flooring specialist would have to create the same mixture as your original flooring, but the repair job can be done rather quickly once the repair work starts.

Can epoxy floors be buffed?

Yes. You can buff and polish your epoxy flooring without worrying about damaging it or ruining its coat.

Can you steam clean epoxy floors?

Yes. It’s not only safe to steam clean epoxy floors but it’s the preferred method to use to give your floors a deep clean.

Do epoxy floors scratch?

Yes they can. Epoxy flooring is durable, but if you drop something heavy on it, or drag a heavy piece of equipment or furniture along it’s surface it can scratch. If you have scratched your epoxy floor you can have your technician come out to make repairs.

Can you epoxy wood floors?

Yes. To have a successful application of epoxy to wood floors, they would have to be sanded first in order to create a texture that the epoxy will adhere to. Wood floors eventually settle and can change shape which can cause issues with epoxy over time. If you’re serious about having epoxy floors, it could be a good idea to remove the wood flooring first during preparation. Your technician will be able to advise you on the best solution.

How long does epoxy flooring last?

Depending on your usage and how much care you give your floors, your epoxy floor can last anywhere from 10 to 20+ years. If you install epoxy floors on a high traffic area, or an area where it can be prone to damage or scratches, you may have to apply repairs to it more often.


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