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Epoxy flooring installationOur process for installing epoxy flooring is simple and straightforward. We ensure the entire process is seamless and that your satisfied with the results.

Key Sections

Our team is highly qualified in industrial and residential flooring and we will ensure that your flooring is properly installed whether it be in your shop, garage, kitchen, basement or even around your pool.

Step 1 – Project Background

Project background: Before any work can get started, we’ll need a brief background on your project, e.g. which room, size of the room, whether its for a commercial or residential property, and a few other pieces of information. You can send us this information through our estimates page, or by calling us and making an appointment.

Once we’ve gathered your preliminary information we’ll be able to make an appointment for a site visit to evaluate and then provide you with a quote. After you’ve given us the details, we’ll also be able to provide you with a rough estimate before we proceed. You can visit our FAQ page to calculate the general cost of installing epoxy flooring.

Step 2 – Site Visit

Site visit: The site visit is where we will be able to get as much information as possible from you about the project. This includes but is not limited to getting information about your colour and coating preferences, and which floors you would like to be worked on. Once all the important information is gathered from you, we’ll be able to give you a solid quote on the cost of the project. 

At this stage we’ll also confirm with you the days that are most convenient for you for the work to be done, and the approximate time the work will take to complete. We will also answer any of your questions, concerns and any potential special requests.

Step 3 – Site Cleanup and Preparation

Site Cleanup and preparation: Once we’ve established a date and time to start the project will begin the site cleanup and preparation process. This includes emptying out the room we’ll be working on, and cleaning out all the extra dust and debris that is left over. This is done to ensure we’re working in a spotless environment and to maintains the integrity of the epoxy coating we’ll be installing.

Before applying the epoxy, we also need to determine if the concrete is completely level before it’s applied. If required, we grind off any imperfections or repair any the cracks and imperfections in the concrete.

If the room that we’re working on has a lot of personal belongings or equipment etc., we provide a mobile storage service that allows you to safely and securely store your items until the job is complete.

Step 4 – Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and supplies: After cleanup and site preparation, we import our equipment and supplies to the project site. Lines are drawn and the selected chemicals and mixtures are prepared. 

Step 5 – Epoxy Application

Epoxy application: This is the phase where the magic starts to happen, and the design and texture of your flooring starts to take form.  First we apply an initial base coat of epoxy combined with a selected flake and apply it to 100% coverage of the floor. We then finished off with a Polyaspartic, clear or coloured epoxy top-coat. 

Step 6 – Finishing and Cleanup

Finishing and cleanup: After the flooring has been installed, the epoxy is set to dry for approximately 24 hours. We carefully remove all our equipment and leftover debris, and we make sure the project site is properly cleaned up.

After 25 hours have passed you’ll be able to walk on your new floors and enjoy them for years to come. After a period of time you’ll want to give your new floors a cleaning. Here’s our how to guide on cleaning your epoxy flooring for when the time comes and tips for ongoing maintenance.


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