Polypropylene Flooring

Let Ontario Epoxy install polypropylene interlocking flooring in your garage which are great for enduring heavy loads and providing an anti-slip surface.

Polypropylene floor tilingProfessionally install polypropylene flooring tiles make your flooring look clean, and provide superb resistance to chemicals, oil leaks, salt residue, and is water resistant. They’re priced much lower than vinyl floor tiling and provide awesome functionality.

Benefits of Installing Polypropylene Flooring

Polypropylene Flooring has many benefits including:

  • it provides strong anti-slipping capabilities
  • it insulates ambient sounds
  • its flexibility contours to the surface it’s installed on
  • it has strong load bearing capabilities
  • its can be enhance to be fire resistant
  • it is strongly impact resistant
  • its less expensive than other similar types of flooring
  • it takes half the time to install than other similar forms of flooring

Polypropylene flooring is so versatile that it can be applied in garages, schools, gyms, sports venues, locker-rooms, and in commercial or industrial settings. It comes in an array of various colour options, appearances, formats and finishes.

Note: if your garage floor is severely damaged or uneven, we may have to first repair the flooring before we can install the polypropylene tiles.

Find Out More!

If you would like to find out more about our polypropylene flooring installation services, look no further than Ontario Epoxy. Contact us today at 519 717-7331 to get a free estimate and to schedule a site visit. We’d love to help make your floors more durable and look amazing!


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