Trailer Storage For You Belongings

We provide a secure trailer storage service for your belongings while we’re working on your home. There is no need to worry about where you’ll put your things and you won’t have to store them in your living room or basement.

How it Works

Trailer storage for belongingsBefore we start our work, the rooms/area we’re working on needs to be cleared. Its not always convenient to store all of your property in another room, or the attic, or in your backyard, so we provide a secure storage area for your items.

We will carefully help you move your items to our storage container, or do it all for you. We understand the high importance that your belongings are treated carefully so we make the extra effort to mitigate any damage by using moving-blankets and dividers to keep everything in order.

Once we’re done our work which generally takes only a few days max. we will move all your belongings back into your home for you, using the same care as before, and ensuring your valuables are safe from damage.

Security of Your Belongings

Once your belongings are stored and locked away in our mobile storage trailer, they become insured for damage and theft. 

The Benefits of Mobile Storage

Our mobile storage services lets us do the hard work of moving and storing your belongings for you, while you get to do the other important things of your life. The last thing we want to do while working on your home is inconvenience you, so we do our best to stay out of your way, and still provide a service you’ll love for years to come. 


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