Example Epoxy Garage Floor & Staircase Project

Here are some pictures of a recent garage floor and staircase epoxy project that we were pleased to work on.

Phase 1

All of our projects start with the Preparation work. In this example, concrete floors need to be ground down to ensure the floor is ready and completely level so that the epoxy sets in an even coat across the entire floor.

Phase 2

We are extra proud to share this project because it presented a new epoxy challenge for us: a staircase!

We snapped a lot of pictures because we were super proud of completing this challenging feature. We think it turned out really well, and the client thinks so too!

Phase 3

The midway step of any project is laying down the flake that brings the colour to an epoxy floor. This pattern gets locked into place in the final step when the epoxy is poured.

If you’ve ever wanted your garage to look like this, make sure to get in touch with us.

Final Epoxy Garage Floor Project



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