Before & After Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

An epoxy coated countertop for a kitchen is a beautiful way to compliment your kitchen. Below you’ll see our work in action from start to finish.

Phase 1

This was the first phase of the job. This is the stage where we have to prep and size each part of the countertop.

Phase 2

After the epoxy has set to the right shape, it’s mounted where it’s ready for the instal. At this point, the beauty of this product starts to take shape.

Phase 3

This is the wrap up. Here we properly align the new counter, set it, clean and polish it up. At this point, the home owner starts to get exited at how attractive their new countertop looks.

The Final Product

The end result is a a beautifully finished epoxy styled kitchen countertop.

Epoxy Countertop


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