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Garage Floor Epoxy Hockey Rink Install in Brantford

This was by far one of our most favourite epoxy flooring jobs where the customer wanted us to build a hockey rink in the garage of their home in Brantford. We did this job in conjunction with Closet Envy in Burlington who sourced the customer, and for that we were grateful. The Process for this […]

Gorgeous Epoxy Flooring Job in Burlington

Ontario Epoxy was delighted to be hired to provide epoxy flooring for this home garage in Burlington.  When applying epoxy flooring to a garage, basement or any other area of your home, you have to make sure the area is first completely cleaned up of all debris.  Then the application of the epoxy product and […]

Metallic Marble Basement Project

We love a good challenge, and this metallic marble epoxy basement project was certainly that! The initial prep work is pictured here, but wait until you see what the epoxy looks like that gets poured on top of it! Our client gave us the challenge to create a marbled effect with our Metallic epoxy floor […]

Before & After Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

An epoxy coated countertop for a kitchen is a beautiful way to compliment your kitchen. Below you’ll see our work in action from start to finish. Phase 1 This was the first phase of the job. This is the stage where we have to prep and size each part of the countertop. Phase 2 After […]

Hair Salon Project

We wanted to share with you a recent hair salon epoxy flooring project we had the privilege of working on. We love having the opportunity to work with clients and help them achieve their dreams. When we work together to bring their vision to life, it brings us satisfaction knowing that they made their dreams […]

Example Epoxy Garage Floor & Staircase Project

Here are some pictures of a recent garage floor and staircase epoxy project that we were pleased to work on. Phase 1 All of our projects start with the Preparation work. In this example, concrete floors need to be ground down to ensure the floor is ready and completely level so that the epoxy sets […]


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