Garage Floor Epoxy Hockey Rink Install in Brantford

This was by far one of our most favourite epoxy flooring jobs where the customer wanted us to build a hockey rink in the garage of their home in Brantford. We did this job in conjunction with Closet Envy in Burlington who sourced the customer, and for that we were grateful.

The Process for this Job

This epoxy flooring job took us about ten days to completely finish, with approximately 72 hours standing time to ensure the epoxy and other material had dried and set properly. The end results were fantastic and the customer was absolutely in love with their new garage floors.

Watch The Video to See the Process in Action

Cleaning the work area

Before starting any epoxy flooring job, we have to make sure the work area is cleaned up from all dust and debris. Any dirt or debris left behind that we don’t want will only ruin the job and cause anomalies in the floor. We did a mechanical grind of the existing floor and then we filled in the existing cut lines of the floor, followed by vacuuming of the surface.

This part of the process doesn’t take too long, and if it is necessary we also wash the floors down with degreasers to ensure everything is completely clean.

Installing the design outline

Once the floors are completely clean, and depending on whether there will be a design installed like in this case, we install the outline of the design. In this case, we had the centre of the floor where the NHL logo was going to go and the red and blue lines. The red and blue lines were first painted, and once they were done, we proceeded to start applying the epoxy.

We laid out the red lines and blue lines and made cut lines in the floor, followed by another vacuum of the floor to make sure everything was clean. Then we laid out where the logo would go in the centre of the floor so we wouldn’t get flake and epoxy underneath it. Next, we applied a coat of ChemTec bright white epoxy with white flake for the white areas.

Applying the epoxy coating over the design on the garage floor

The final stage of this job was to apply the epoxy coating onto the hockey rink design in the garage. We did the safety blue epoxy with primary blue flakes along with safety red epoxy with Ferrari red flakes to match the clients car.

Once we were certain there weren’t flake colours mixed with other colours and we had the logo where we wanted it we applied the first of the Chemtec Polyaspartic top coats. The next day we did a second Polyaspartic clear top coat with Chemtec Polyaspartic clear.

Products and supplies used for this epoxy job

We used Chemtec Polyaspartic clear coat, and flake epoxy (blue, white and red).


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