Hair Salon Project

We wanted to share with you a recent hair salon epoxy flooring project we had the privilege of working on.

We love having the opportunity to work with clients and help them achieve their dreams. When we work together to bring their vision to life, it brings us satisfaction knowing that they made their dreams a reality.

The prep work completed, now comes the art of pouring an epoxy floor: the flakes.

This client selected a classic pallet to complement the finished hues of the fixtures and furniture that were going to be in the salon.

And of course, the finished epoxy floor is shown above.

But if you think that the floor looks good by itself, wait until you see the epoxy floor under the finished lighting with all of the rest of the salon on top of it!

Please excuse the stray hat in the photo above. 

We love the way the project turned out and if you’re interested in visiting this salon.


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