Metallic Marble Basement Project

We love a good challenge, and this metallic marble epoxy basement project was certainly that!

The initial prep work is pictured here, but wait until you see what the epoxy looks like that gets poured on top of it!

Our client gave us the challenge to create a marbled effect with our Metallic epoxy floor system. To achieve the desired end result, we needed to start with a very light base so that we would have that light colour pop through the subsequent darker layer that was going on top.

Here is the floor with the lightly coloured base-coat of epoxy.

This next picture was for posterity sake, and to help us remember everything that went into achieving the end result.

All of those buckets above, plus a decent helping of elbow grease of mixing and pouring the mixed epoxy brings us to the finished product below.

We could not be more pleased with the completed metallic marble finished product. This is one of our favourite projects from 2018. Request a quote now to transform your basement in 2019!


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